I started this blog saying this:

Letters and snippets to my little Dodo girl, my little Lily, from your Mom. Because my biggest fear these days is forgetting all those sweet, frustrating, crazy moments of watching both of us grow, you into a what I’m sure the cutest girl ever, and I, well, into a responsible adult (gulp).

I’m missing my mother a lot lately and lamenting the fact that I did not get the chance to ask her, what was it like for her being a mother? What were her triumphs and regrets? What was she like before she had me? What was her childhood and adolescence like? I want to know so much but by the time I realized she existed before having me (read when I had a baby myself), she was gone.

I find myself wishing she kept a diary or journal. So in addition to remembering the silly moments, I want this to be the place to keep parts of myself to my Lily. So that one day she may know what went on in her mother’s brain.