Ups and Downs

by littledodogirl

Dear Lily,

I’ll start with the downs first to finish on a good note.


  • You’re still throwing yourself side-ways or on the floor, screaming and shaking your fists when things don’t go your way. Wonder where you got that from? (Looks sideways).
  • Bath time stopped being fun again. No clue why. You spend a lot of time standing at the edge saying “nun?”. That’s “done?” for non-Lily-speaking folks.
  • I think you’re having nightmares. You make lots of scared sounds while sleeping, occasionally finding it hard to settle down again.


  • Man you are talking! You say many words with clear intention (as opposed to random utterances). Mama, papa, pee pee (not just for pee but also private parts), may (Arabic for water), nun (done), ca-ca (for poop and anything trash), bibi (boobs), uhoh (when things fall down), nina (Alina) and nanoona (that’s Lanloona), hum-hum (along with putting your hand to your mouth) and your very favorite, manno (we’re assuming that’s meine, German for mine). Anything you want, you’ll point at and shout manno with a very serious face, sometimes with a wag of the finger.
  • You’re going every day on the potty, twice day. Sometimes nothing happens but quite often there will be both, poop and pee! The most adorable thing is how you get up from the potty and look back in suspense, “Is there anything there?”. If there is, you’ll walk with us to the toilet so you can watch it being flushed down.
  • You’re sharing without anybody ever showing or telling you. Once you’re full, you’ll start offering us the rest of the food. Sometimes you’ll feed me with the spoon.
  • You’re picking up a  book or two, bringing them to me and then you position yourself in my lap and open the book so we can read together.