The Whole Story

by littledodogirl


I’ve noticed for a while now that many parents (including yours truly) engage in repeating the boy-she-was-mischievous stories of their children. We have a habit of focusing on the times they were being “difficult” or did something “bad”, funny bad but bad nonetheless. This is not surprising at all seeing any story or movie worth its salt must have a problem or challenge to raise interest and keep us hooked. My issue is that our children grow up hearing mostly the more colorful stories about themselves, and paint an inaccurate picture of themselves. Worse still, they might end up living up to that image.

Case in point, I’ve grown up pretty much owning the labels “difficult” and “stubborn”. But when I started reflecting on my life at the ripe age of 30, I realized that I’m not as stubborn as I like to think, and that I actually give in a lot, sometimes in situations where I did not want to give in. The problem with the “stubborn” label is that it blinded me to the my non-stubborn accommodating side. The one that gave in when it shouldn’t have. I want to shed all the labels and figure out what’s my story. Something easier said than done.

This is a reminder to tell the whole story about my little Lily.