Moments I Don’t Want to Forget…

by littledodogirl

Lily love,

Before you wake up, I get up in the early morning, get dressed in our living room and go to work. This morning, your stifled cries came from our closed bedroom door. I heard you stir and search for me. I took a deep breath and thought you’ll cuddle against Papa and go back to sleep as usual. But just before I walked out, I heard this…

“Mama? Mama…. MAMA…. Mama?…”

All I could think is “Oh MY GOD, I have to go in to save my baby girl!”. I swear there was a rope tugging me in your direction. And it was attached to my stomach because that is where it hurts.

It was bitter sweet, hearing you say Mama and knowing you want me to come to you. I wanted to but I realized walking in would result in a big meltdown and even more tears once I actually left. So I didn’t.

Right now, this is the sweetest sound in the world, my little Lily calling for me…

“Mama? MAMA!! Mama… Mama… Mama…”