We Do Sad Too!

by littledodogirl


I’ve seen this “In Our Home…” sign many times on Pinterest. While I love the idea of having a sign that holds our values to remind us should we forget them, some of those statements bother me.

In particular: we do love, we do laughter, we do happiness…

On the face of it, it’s fine and all. But what about the opposite feelings? What about hate, crying and sadness. They’re the other side of the coin that exists no matter how hard we try to pretend they don’t or hush them away.

The fact that these “bad” feelings are missing from the sign bugs the hell out of me. I can not imagine anyone who did not “do” hate, sadness or crying at some point. I want my children to know that such feelings are normal and ok. They are not bad feelings and they are accepted in our home. It is what we chose to do with them is what matters.

In our home we accept all feelings, we control our behavior.