by littledodogirl

Playing in the sand with cute little boys (from the weekend)

Dear baby girl,

I took you again to the zoo yesterday, and we went straight to the playground so you can crawl around in the sand and hunt for buckets and shovels. Unlike last time, it was packed with children. Bigger older children. Bigger older children who were running around wildly and throwing things. “No over-protection” I said to myself. I hesitantly put you down. It took a lot of will power on my part not to interfere and “protect” you at the least sign of impending danger. I’m happy to report that I succeeded, only interfering when a 3-year-old boy tried to push you away by shoving you with his foot (I think he was slightly scared of me).

You crawled, you explored the sand, random toys and the occasional pair of shoes. You tried to stand on random people. You even snatched a biscuit out of a little boy’s hand (we gave it back to him, well I did). You were having fun, and I was learning to chill a little.

At night, when you were fast asleep, I told your father how I felt a little sad. Seeing you there amongst all those children, you looked so tiny. I wanted to scoop you up and keep you safe for ever. It him me hard that I can’t do that. You’re going to have to do it yourself. Play, make friends, and look out for yourself.



At the zoo on the weekend

A pacifier tree!