Easy Sunday

by littledodogirl

Well the easy part is more of what is was supposed to be. A must in a perfect Sunday is not having to cook and luckily, I was able to cross that off the list with some leftover Kibbeh.

Leftover Kibbeh

Alina's take on the Kibbeh

In a practice-trumps-theory case, we decided it’ll be an absolutely lovely and charming afternoon if we take the bus to a nearby forest and have a long walk in the woods. The little cheeky one will gleefully enjoy riding on our backs while taking in the fresh air. None of that happened. Aside from a few fun chase daddy around games, she hated being carried, and constantly wanted to go down. I really wanted to let her but she found tiny stones and dirt absolutely delicious. In the end, we were exhausted from carrying a wiggly and determined baby. Maybe when she can walk. And not want to put anything that fits in her mouth.

Riding on the bus

One of the happier moments