by littledodogirl

The Cheekiness and I on NYE 2011

I keep squealing at my baby like a silly little girl. Case in point: she woke up and was whining and crying for me to come over. So into the bedroom I went. The moment she feels me close to her, the whining stops and she tries to grab and scratch at my face, opening her mouth looking for yummy milk. Sometimes she catches my nose, but after a stinging scratch on one side, I got more careful and always whip my nose away. If the milk is delayed, there’ll be a very frantic “aaah aaaah AAAAAAAAH”. For some reason I find that so adorable and cute I can barely stand it.

And I end up squealing at her “oooh ooooh”.

She’s probably thinking “hey milk lady, turn down the noise and give me the milk…”