Giving my Lily Space

by littledodogirl

Dear Baby,

I realized today that I’m having a hard time giving you space to learn and play. Yes, I know that that is obvious, still it is hard to weed out the misconception that you need to be entertained and “shown” how to do things. A few weeks ago, we would leave you on your back to play, you were turning to your side, and a few times rolled from your back to your tummy. Then something happened, I noticed that you were less active, no longer turning and refusing to play on your own.

Well, I realized that you enjoy sometime on your tummy, so I started turning you myself, and offering you toys. Bit by bit, I went from letting you play to playing for you. So today I went cold turkey and here I am resisting all urges to give that extra push to turn. Or handing you a toy.

I am just sitting there, watching you. You stared and stared at me. I stared back. Then you looked at your toys, and at my ever fascinating water bottle. Then lo and behold, you tried to aim for your Sofie, you’re turning again, aiming at your toys. You’re struggling to get on your stomach. Turns out I just needed to give my little Lily her space to learn.

I love you baby.