Topsy Turvy

by littledodogirl

To my little chunky monkey,

It’s 1 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Being overwhelmed can do that to you. I feel like someone took me and my life, put us in a bottle and gave it a really good shake. I still live in my fantasy world where I will have a grip on things all the time but ha, that’s not going to happen soon. I just need to accept that.

Anyway, so on nights when I’m feeling like this, when I’m walking around looking like a zombie with a not-so-sexy case of bed hair, when I’m feeling all down with a big L on my forehead, I see this…

Drooling on daddy's shoulder...

and my heart swells. Joy literally takes over. I start squealing because the sight of my little chunky monkey with drool bubbles tired from all the eating, is just too much cuteness for me to take.

I love you baby.